My name’s Ruben Perczek, but you can call me Doc. I help pro athletes achieve complete balance of mind, body, and soul by helping them access their purpose beyond the obsession of athletic achievement.

For professional athletes, elite competition is the vehicle that drives their purpose. When you remove that vehicle, many lose their way, unable to master their lives outside of sports. I’m here to make sure the peak of their athletic careers is not the peak of their lives. If you’re a pro athlete looking for transformational change in order to lead a vibrant, healthy, and purposeful life, this is for you.

Working with Dr. Ruben

At the age of 22, Brittany Viola was a top-ranked competitive collegiate diver, aspiring to reach the Olympics. Working together through my proven process was a beautiful journey that led Brittany to win two national championships and the realization of her life-long dream to become an Olympian. More importantly, our work together helped her to grow herself beyond her accomplishments, to live a life of purpose for the greater good of her family and the communities she serves.

Go beyond your public image and results

As a pro athlete, you already have the experience, determination, and ability to transfer the success of your athletic career into the new chapter of your life, but it hasn’t happened yet. You appear calm on the surface, but underneath, you’re furiously treading water because you know you have another level of achievement you can unlock. A level of service to your family, your friends, and your community that will cement your legacy; not as one of the top athletes to ever compete, but as one of the kindest, generous, and most successful humans to ever walk the Earth.


And you’re already familiar with what you need to get there—You need a coach.

Who I Work With


Accomplished Pro Athletes

When athletes realize their success is not fully defined by their competitive achievements, they are often left with a need inside them they wish to fulfill. I coach pro athletes to evolve their game in every aspect of their lives, helping them live purposefully and enhance the lives of those around them.


Pro Head Coaches

Achievement through leadership requires a different skill set than performance for the individual or the team. I partner with head coaches to build the right culture and systems to ensure that their organization is ready to withstand the expectations and constant high-pressure of competition at the national and major-league levels so they can sustain their excellence.


Impact Mission For High-Potential Youth in Sport​

The incredible passion, hope, and energy that drives high-performance youths to compete is the same force that will lead to their burnout, if left unchecked. I collaborate with parents, educators, and coaches to train young athletes to harness the power of their identity to ensure they develop their minds alongside their bodies.

How does Transformational coaching with Doc Ruben work?


Use the link to set up a time to talk with Dr. Ruben.


Meet with Dr. Ruben to identify your goals and create a strategic plan to get there.


Achieve conscious transformation to realize your full potential for sustainable excellence.

What Athletes & Industry Experts Say

“Dr. Ruben knows that a holistic approach is the most effective way to truly inspire sustainable high performance. As a professional athlete, when I began my work with Ruben I had many established patterns. Ruben helped me see new perspectives and understand that we are all constantly evolving. Ultimately, these new perspectives helped me to reach new heights in my athletic career and personal life.”

Colin O’Brady -
Professional Endurance Athlete, Two-Time World-Record Holder

“Having known Dr. Ruben for over twenty years, I can speak to the authenticity, wisdom, and humility he shares. He is at the top of the field for world-class athletes who want to grow beyond their excellence in sport to live lives of happiness and good character.”

Fred Luskin -
Director, Stanford Forgiveness Project and Author of Forgive for Good

“Dr. Ruben’s fundamental principles weave together seamlessly to inspire us to embrace the complex humanity we share with our youth and tap the potential that is unique to each of us. Whether we are a parent or professional, Dr. Ruben invites us to up our own game.”

Don Hoffman -
Cognitive Scientist and Author of Visual Intelligence: How We Create What We See


Most frequent questions and answers

A: Confidentiality is a cornerstone of trust in my practice. I am ethically and legally committed to protecting all my clients’ privacy. I do not share information about who I coach with anyone outside our relationship, nor do I acknowledge that we have a professional relationship. Our work is personal.

A: Transparency, truthfulness, and accountability in our relationship keep things simple. I work with select number of clients per year, and there are stringent criteria to ensure a tight fit. My work is straightforward, honest, and in service of a bigger purpose than money or fame.

A: Depending on your level of commitment, I will provide investment options to suit your unique situation. All clients start with a 3-month trial period where we can both assess chemistry while building toward results. I don’t work with clients whose finances deter them from deepening their personal evolution and living further in alignment with their purpose.
A: While physical touch can be helpful, the most important aspect of our relationship is the conversations we will have to align your thinking with your goals. We will meet through video calls as often as possible while maintaining a secure private online platform where we will text, email, and exchange materials that will facilitate your growth. In the event it is essential to meet in person (if you are in-season, post-season, etc.) I will travel to your chosen location.
A: We’ll start with a minimum of 3 months. We determine the frequency of meetings by your needs and desired results, but it’s generally once a week. Transformation requires practice, just as your athletic development as an athlete or expertise as a coach has required in your career. If we choose to continue working together after the initial engagement, the length of the ensuing agreement is determined by your goals and purpose.

The goal of a sports psychologist is to provide training on mindset skills and practices to improve athletic performance, maintain focus during competition, and recover from failures—keeping you at the peak of your game. In contrast, I work with accomplished athletes who are past this stage and already know how to hit their peak athletically. My work focuses on transitional and transformational change.

Transitional change is necessary because you may be in a transition in your life and need to dismantle old way methods of maintaining performance and shed patterns no longer useful to you. This allows you to fully engage with your new stage of life.

Transformational change is required when you need a fundamental change in your strategy and the way you operate. Besides new behaviors, you require a new set of principles that allow you to understand and take action in the direction you desire—A fundamental shift in your mindset. Transformational change is no longer about improving performance, learning new behaviors to achieve more, or shedding negative patterns. You need a new mindset and worldview so that you can evolve your operating system to reach a new stage of excellence that is sustainable; not only for you, but also for the people and causes you deeply care about. Transformation goes beyond problem-solving—It’s is about evolving your capacity to tap more deeply into your potential and create possibilities not previously available or even imagined.

Yes, I love working world-wide and the role of culture plays a key role in the way I work. Though I have lived in the US most of my life, I was raised in Colombia by a multi-cultural family. I am strongly rooted in Latin American culture. My clients live all over the world and I speak both English and Spanish fluently. 

Ready to go beyond personal achievement and live deeper into your purpose?