My name's Ruben Perczek, but you can call me Doc. I help professional sports institutions evolve high performing human systems, guiding the alignment of their leadership teams and development of their top talent, without killing the human beings along the way.

For professional fútbol team executives and head coaches,

finding the recipe for enduring success is not simple. 



Sound organizational strategy and game-day formations are vital factors, but by themselves don’t guarantee success long-term. Off the pitch, high potential human development is essential to ensure enduring financial and performance excellence.



I am here to guide the club form the backbone of their most prized assets,

grow their brand reputation, and positively influence the future of fútbol.



If you’re a professional sports team executive or pro head coach looking for a collaborative and transformative strategic approach that effectively brings out people’s best, this is for you.

Working with Doc Ruben

At the age of 30, Jaime de la Pava won the title with the Carlos Sarmiento Lora in Colombia's first C division. At 32, he won the Merconorte International title, at 33 the league, and at 43 Colombia's Cup. During the pandemic, Jaime and I began a journey focused on his leadership development as a head coach, emphasizing the evolution of the human being in high performance sport. Our partnership is fueled by a comprehensive integral strategy that unifies him, the team, and the institutional leadership in one single direction. More importantly, our work together is supporting him to grow himself beyond the obsession of results, to live for the greater good of his family, Colombia's futbol legacy, and the larger well-being of the communities he deeply cares for.

Evolve the backbone of Your most prized asset

As an accomplished sports executive, you know that to sustain winning long-term, you must just go beyond the basics (i.e., talent, technique, strategy, practice planning, physical preparation, etc.).


You are looking beyond conventional sport-psychology “how to adjust those loose screws” approaches, to cement your legacy; not just with another winning season, but as a leader who works collaboratively to potentiate the team’s top talent.


And you’re ready to go to the next level —You need a world-class high performance strategist.

Who I Work With


Fútbol Club Executives

Building a club’s unique backbone brand philosophy, developing its high-profile talent, and having to continually rebuild the team are strategic priorites. I partner with executive team leaders to strategically grow their leadership, team’s stature and high performance pedigree.


Pro Head Coaches

Achievement through leadership requires a different skill set than performance for the individual or the team. I partner with head coaches to build the right human systems to ensure that their coaching team and players collaborate effectively to withstand and succeed in the constant high-pressure of competition of league and international championships.


Accomplished Pro Athletes

The incredible passion, hope, and energy that drives high-performing pro athletes to compete is the same force that will lead to their burnout, if left unchecked. I collaborate with world-class athletes to strengthen their identity and harness the power of potential to ensure they evolve as human beings first, then as elite athletes.

Doc Ruben's Collaborative Approach


We begin by learning a common language through the core principles of The 7 Roots of Potential™ approach. From the very beginning, this ensures individual commitment, optimal collaboration, and a determination to succeed.


In partnership, we build high-performance human systems through a structured approach that aligns executive leaders, coaching staff, and the club's top talent.


Strategic guidance is provided throughout to evolve the capacity to become professionals and "leave it all on the field" to WIN.

What Industry Experts Say

“Dr. Ruben knows that a holistic approach is the most effective way to truly inspire sustainable high performance. As a professional athlete, when I began my work with Ruben I had many established patterns. Ruben helped me see new perspectives and understand that we are all constantly evolving. Ultimately, these new perspectives helped me to reach new heights in my athletic career and personal life.”

Colin O’Brady -
Professional Endurance Athlete, Two-Time World-Record Holder

“Having known Dr. Ruben for over twenty years, I can speak to the authenticity, wisdom, and humility he shares. He is at the top of the field for world-class athletes who want to grow beyond their excellence in sport to live lives of happiness and good character.”

Fred Luskin -
Director, Stanford Forgiveness Project and Author of Forgive for Good

“Dr. Ruben’s fundamental principles weave together seamlessly to inspire us to embrace the complex humanity we share with our youth and tap the potential that is unique to each of us. Whether we are a parent or professional, Dr. Ruben invites us to up our own game.”

Don Hoffman -
Cognitive Scientist and Author of Visual Intelligence: How We Create What We See


Most frequent questions and answers

A: Our society’s addiction to short-term results has created a culture focused on quick fixes. 

I offer an alternative based designing strategies for long-term success. 

I help professional sports institutions evolve high performing systems, guiding the alignment of their leadership teams and development of their top talent, without killing the human beings along the way.

A: In view that I am trained and licensed as a clinical psychologist and am a former pro athlete, I’m often asked if I work as a sport psychologist. 

The answer is no. However, I strongly support the work they do. 

Rather than thinking of my work as an organizational function (e.g.,sport director, head coach, trainer, physical conditioning specialist, etc), I partner with the executive leadership to create a high performance culture for the organization.

A: Yes, I love working world-wide. Though I have lived in the US most of my life, I was raised in Colombia by a multi-cultural family. I am strongly rooted in Latin American culture. My clients live all over the world and I speak both English and Spanish fluently. 

A: The first step is to connect with my representative to determine if it makes sense to have a conversation with me. His name is Julian Ortiz and you can contact him via email at julian.ortiz.acevedo@gmail.com The other way is to fill out the “Let’s Talk” form on this site which will get to him right away. 

A: Please refer to the Services section for fees on seminars, workshops, assessments, and keynotes. Fees on consulting services are dependent on unique club needs and depth of demand. 

A: In view of my clients’ permanent public and media exposure, confidentiality is a cornerstone of trust in my practice. I am ethically and legally committed to protecting all my clients’ privacy. Unless we agree to do so, I do not publically share information about who my clients are. 

Ready to strategically unleash human potential in your team and institution?