MY Work

I help socially responsible organizations bring out the best of their Top Talent

Under Ruben Perczek’s leadership for over two decades, Has + Hac has been developing and consistently upgrading methods that help bring out the best of people on high stakes paths where excellence is not an option.  The starting point is a team tasked to create unprecedented results. 

Bringing Out the Best of Each Other Requires Us to Grow through Our Edges

The Zone 14 method brings out the best of people through a cyclical action-learning process designed to leverage the whole system’s potential to generate its highest vision. 


Each Zone 14 action-learning cycle consists of three phases, preparation, practice, and performance. 


Preparation: stakeholders envision the outcomes they want to create, where they are relative to their desired outcomes, and the strategic actions needed to realize their goals. 


Practice: stakeholders take strategic actions, learn from direct experience, and fine-tune small changes designed to bring desired results into realization. Knowledge is internalized, capacities to perform through the edges of discomfort are strengthened, and momentum develops.  


Performance: stakeholders bring their creation to full fruition and complete each cycle of learning by acknowledging what they have created, recognizing their strengthened capacities and skills, consolidating their understanding, and re-orienting themselves to another vision-driven outcome. 

The Foundation for Creating Sustainable Progress

Stakeholder presence. Presence of all stakeholders who hold decision-making authority and are committing energy and resources that ensure suitable capacity to sustain the work. 

Outcome-focused orientation. Being fully involved is fundamentally determined by the clarity of what we want to create and realizing that we can create it in spite of our beliefs and level of confidence. 

Experienced guidance. Sustaining momentum in environments facing complex challenges is not a linear process and requires skilled guidance to maintain focus on what is relevant. 

Learning Disposition. Leading toward unprecedented results requires us to be open to not-knowing, to think out of the box, and to be willing to discover possibilities we didn’t even know where available. 

Simplicity. Developing the ability to focus involves shedding unnecessary patterns and consistent refinement of internal and external structures. 

Practice through the edge. Under pressure, we default to our level of practice. The language of our gut is wired into us, making practice essential to formally and regularly master our capacity to take action into unknown territory.