What do our youth have to say in regards to burnout and living healthy life?

We share with each other as adults, but what do our youth have to say? Here is a perspective from my 16-year-old son Juliano, in his own words.

“So many kids suffer growing up thinking they are their results. Their self-worth is determined by whether they win the game, get an A on the test, or wear the right watch.

This is the exact problem causing so much damage, leading many talented kids to burnout and ultimately quit their passion.

In my case, growing up in the pressure-cooker world of sports, I struggled early on with confidence and the concept of self-identity. I couldn’t deal with failure and the social pressures of winning. Being the best resulted in so much pain.

I like achieving at a high level and am driven to thrive but this drivenness can lead me into the trap of trying to be perfect.

Fortunately, I have learned that I am not my results.

I have been able to develop a relationship with myself where I can maintain my passion regardless of whether I achieve the results I want. I have been relieved of that pressure.

As a result, not only am I able to perform better on the field but more importantly, live a happier life.

I hope other parents and kids can experience the impact of The 7 Roots of Potentialâ„¢ for their own sake, for our future, for humanity.”