Preparing Young Leaders To Thrive In The World Ahead

“If you are interested — and all of us should be — in helping young people grow into their full potentials, Dr. Ruben’s work is for you.”


— Parker J. Palmer, author of The Courage Way, A Hidden Wholeness, and Leading and Living with Integrity 


Youth Leadership Mission

My mission toward a sustainable and regenerative future for humanity and the planet is to nurture future leaders through focus, engagement and education. Toward this vision, I have evolved an approach to support driven youth to lead the turn-around we urgently need in our humanity. While educational curricula prepares them academically, youth need additional guidance to continue making progress in the direction that most inspires them. 

Ruben and Brittany Viola

The Potentialist Assessment™

The Potentialist Framework™ begins with an initial assessment that orients them to their leadership strengths, areas of effectiveness and areas of development, along 7 core intelligences and 21 foundational human leadership capacities.

The assessment process is designed to increase the person’s awareness of who they are, better understand their genuine strengths, areas of developmental opportunity, and help them create clarity on what they want to focus on moving forward. 

The Potentialist Framework

Who is the assessment for?

Driven youth, ages 16-30, who want to be prepared to thrive in the world ahead.



What Challenges Do They Face?

Whether they are going from high school to college or college to the workforce, or realizing they need to evolve their current leadership capacity, they are transitioning to a different phase of their lives. 


People go through phases without being aware that as the world changes, they are also called to change. As the stakes increase, adaptation becomes essential.  


Potentialism™ is not about the obsession of striving to be better. It’s about recognizing and living the better in us.


In my journey to understand myself, I have delved deep into the health and social sciences, the best known practices of self-awareness, and the experience of guiding world-class high performance leadership.


One of the key lessons I’ve discovered is that seeking life fulfillment and quality of life through the high pressure cooker world is fruitless. Like any addiction, the payoffs are short-lived and eventually counter-productive to our well-being.


The consequence of pursuing excellence at any cost is not having lasting and true quality of life (no matter what achievement we are referring to). 


The learning is this: 


Define excellence for yourself independent of external outcomes. Once able to be in integrity with your own self, take action in the direction that most interests you. 


Living within the standards of your own excellence then choosing to accomplish whatever interests you.  


Developing self-awareness and leadership capacity early in the journey is essential to build understanding and intelligence to enjoy healthier and more constructive lives long term.



As a parent myself, I know all we want is for our children to be confident, independent, able to recover from failures, and enjoy healthier, more constructive, and contributive lives.


This is why I created this assessment and educational opportunity, to support our youth to prepare early on to thrive in a rapidly changing world, and help them move forward without the obsession of excellence and its short-lived payoffs.