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Wednesday August 19, 8pm EST


"Dr. Ruben Perczek’s powerful contribution is to each of us who wishes to be the very best at our skill while focusing on process rather than the outcome. If you wish to mentor youth to do the same, his work is even more compelling."

Coach Bill Curry
NFL Player, Two-time Super Bowl Champion, ACC & SEC Football Coach of the Year

How to Raise Healthy Youth in Sports Without Relying on Conventional Methods That Don't Work

When raising high achieving youth in sports, your intention is not sufficient. As a parent, you also need to have the appropriate knowledge, capacity, and skills.

Here's what you will learn...

  • Why the conventional model of mental training does not work long-term
  • Major mistakes parents make raising children in sports and long-term consequences
  • My proven 7 Roots of Potential™ roadmap and course for parents committed to raising excellence for life
  • Q/A (Dr. Ruben will answer your questions)

Youth Program Mission

My mission is to turn the thinking about high performance upside-down. Having achieved world-class status as a young athlete, I know first hand the struggle youth go through and the impact these struggles can have, if not managed well, on their quality of life long term.


As a result, I am fully dedicated to supporting high potential youth in sport develop in a healthy way so they can learn early on that their success in life is not determined by their achievements. It is not only possible to perform at a high level without the obsession of high achievement, but it is essential if we want to support our younger generation to enjoy sustainable and contributive lives after their athletic careers.


This is why as a personal transformation psychologist/advisor to accomplished pro athletes and head coaches, I’ve dedicated my life’s work to researching and developing the transformational framework I called The 7 Roots of Potential™.


This approach maximizes the young athlete’s performance but more importantly, leads them to enjoy healthier and more constructive lives long term.


As we all know, parents and family dynamics have a significant influence in the way youth develop.


While some of the desired goals parents of high performing athletes have include playing college sports, being an Olympian, or playing pro sports, all parents understand that youth in sports are forming their character early on through their sport experience. Forming a strong character foundation involves being confident, disciplined, building a healthy self-concept, and learning to enjoy life.


For the parent like you, unique challenges emerge on this journey, including coping with societal pressure, feeling disconnected from your children, lacking knowledge of the journey of becoming a high performing athlete, getting frustrated when your children don’t make progress or fail to achieve their goals, and lacking proper guidance in how you can best support them in the pursuit of their dreams.


All you want is for your child to be confident, learn to become independent, learn to recover from failure, and in essence raise a happy person who knows how to persevere to achieve their goals and dreams while living a constructive and contributive life.


But how do you support their growth and development in the most positive way?


How do you build a supportive environment at home so they can pursue their dreams without killing their spirit along the way?

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